How to Play


See that Milka Biscuit Run tray?
Fill it with real Milka biscuits.


Place the biscuit tokens anywhere on the board, as long as they’re inside a circle. Shuffle the attic tokens and place them face down in the attic.


Each player picks a Biscuit Jar figurine to play with and places it on the kitchen table at the center of the board.


The youngest player always takes the first turn. On your turn, roll the dice, and move your Biscuit Jar according to your throw.


Every time you win a biscuit token from the board, you win a real delicious Milka  biscuit too! You win a biscuit token when your Biscuit Jar lands exactly on it.  


If you land on a space where another player’s Biscuit Jar figurine already stands, you can knock them back to the kitchen table and take a biscuit token from them.